Where Your Donations Were Used

We at Gospel Light Worldwide thank you for your generous contribution through Gospel Light’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs, and through your curriculum donations. Your gift has been directed to one of four projects, with the focus on children in ministry-poor areas, saving them from the loneliness and despair of their hopeless world.

That is why helping children enter and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is our primary priority at Gospel Light Worldwide, and with partners like you, we are encouraged daily and filled with joy.

Thank you again for your generous heart, and we pray the Lord be with your spirit, and grace be with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

South Africa Project: Train the Trainer Program
With approximately half the children attending Sunday school leaving the church as adults, we need to make sure that we do everything possible to make their church experience as interesting as possible.

iVangeli curriculum has launched a program to train the Children’s Ministry teachers for the churches.

Due to the cost implications, churches in the rural areas have no way of getting training. Because of this, iVangeli has for years been going to these areas to address this need.

Now through Gospel Light Worldwide, we are able to bring teachers together for a full day’s training. As the school year starts in South Africa in January, we are preempting the rush for training by rolling out a “Train the Trainer” session in November for 50 teachers so that they will be able to go back and start their work training local teachers at the beginning of the year in their churches and in churches in their localities.

We are going to do everything possible to stem the church dropout rate, “so help us, God!”

These are some of the teachers from churches in Alexander Township, Cosmo City and Diepsloot who came to the iVangeli Curriculum training on Saturday, October 3, 2015. Three leaders from this group will be invited to attend the Train the Trainer Church Consultant Workshop.

Mainland China Project: Youth Curriculum for China
Very few churches in Mainland China have any type of ministry directed to teens. China’s teenagers are dropping out of churches at an alarming rate.

For the experienced writing and training team to create a 20-lesson YOUTH curriculum for this pivotal age group, testing it around the country, and then making it available via a website.

A message from Lin Laoshi (Teacher Lin) to Vacation Bible School 2015 donors:

Dear Vacation Bible School Teachers and Kids –

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say thank you so much for sending us an offering to help with Gospel Light Worldwide’s children & youth program here in China. May the Lord Jesus bless you back for blessing others!

Did you know that one out of every five people in the world is Chinese? Do you know how many kids under the age of 18 live in China? There are 400 million! That is more than all the people in America put together! One sad thing is that there really aren’t a lot of ways for all these Chinese young people to hear about Jesus. There aren’t that many churches around…and a lot of the churches that are around have never learned how to run a Vacation Bible School, teach a Sunday School class, or run a Youth Group.

That is where our team gets to help out. We write books to teach teachers how to work with young people. Then, we also get to go to the churches and run camps with them. We’ve seen Chinese teachers get excited about leading kids to Jesus and kids get excited about following Jesus. And what is more worth our time and money than kids meeting Jesus for the first time!

Thanks so much again for being a part of the Gospel Light Worldwide team! The moneys you sent us this year will be going to help write/produce youth curriculum for China’s churches. Please pray with us that we will do our very best job in making great books.

In Christ’s Love,
Lin Laoshi