Our Ministry


Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded.
        For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.

        — Habakkuk 1:5 ESV

Our blessing has been to initiate Bible-based curriculum projects, in places where nothing was previously available. We work for a season with the hope that the work will be embraced and carried forth by an indigenous entity.

Since 2001, by partnering to create curriculum and resources, we have been able to bless children, their teachers, and parents worldwide in Armenia, Albania, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, South Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, China, and India.

Please be sure to visit our “One Million Children Initiative” website which is about China, South Africa and past project, India: www.OneMillionChildren.com

The following are details about just a few of our most noteworthy projects (click each section below to learn more):

Mainland China
QiCaiQiao curriculum, which means “Rainbow Bridge,” is our age-appropriate Bible curriculum spanning from Preschool to High School in the Simplified Chinese-language font. It is based on Gospel Light curriculum and was contextualized for the Mainland China culture.

Through our website (www.glww.org/china), the curriculum is available in two formats: 1) to order the physical editions and 2) as a free download PDF version.

Gospel Light Worldwide helps fund the Teacher training program, which is continuous, and it is our primary objective to equip and train as many Children Ministry coordinators and Sunday School Teachers across China as possible. This project provides the training and the knowledge of the “How To” for establishing quality Sunday school programs, which are crucial to church growth. This project also trains spiritual leaders to lead and disciple their church’s children. Our in-country team trains either through a 1-day, a 3-day, or a 5-day program, on the average of twice a month, hence conducting about 100 trainings annually. Each training has anywhere from 30 to 90 teachers. We estimate that 3000 teachers have been trained in the last year.

South Africa

iVangeli is the name of our South African curriculum, which is based on Gospel Light’s age-banded curriculum program, heavily revised, reformatted, and contextualized. The entire curriculum is in English (Teacher and Student books) and the Student books are in indigenous languages: Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa. iVangeli supports itself through selling English curriculum and through Training seminars.

The Youth Bible Curriculum (YBC) – Orthodox
This was our very first project. It was the vision of our founder, William T. Greig, to produce a Bible-based, culturally relevant curriculum for the people in the former Eastern block countries who were just coming out from under the rule of Soviet Union Communism and government enforced atheism. The scope was daunting, but the Lord was and is in it! By His grace, we started it and the programs continue on.


The YBC is English curriculum that was translated into Polish, Russian, Georgian, Serbian, Albanian, and Armenian as well as Romanian and Arabic. The curriculum was handed off to indigenous organizations, most of which are still in operation today.

Project Overseer, Karine H., recently shared:

“The first phase of project is completed with accomplishment of translating, printing and distributing materials for students and teachers. In addition to these Sunday School Teachers regular training’s were organized jointly with local churches. Thus the first phase of project – Christ to the Children achieved not only its main goal on providing catechistic materials for Sunday schools and cooperation with local churches, but also built on capacity of Sunday School Teachers and created strong, trustful, partnering relations with local churches.

“After finalizing firsts stage, evaluation of the project and following discussions with local churches and World Vision project managers in Middle East and Eastern European (MEER) region covered by this project which includes Armenia, Georgia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rumania and Lebanon, our MEER regional office put an efforts to support project continuation with new goal on not only supporting spiritual education, but cooperation with Churches for strengthening holistic youth ministry.

“Its my joy to share with you that Orthodox Churches in Armenia, Georgia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina continuing to use Students books and Teachers manuals. I coordinate this project continuation in Region now.”

Fr. Constantin, recently shared with us about the Romanian-language Orthodox:

“Starting with 2008 our church ROC (Romanian Orthodox Church) take the project under supervising and I became the leader of the Department for Catechesis in our Church through YBC project with the name Christ to the children (Hristos impartasit copiilor). I use the books and I made more than 340 training’s for about 5.000 priests and religious teacher. Now I have an infrastructure of 29 regional inspectors and 200 responsible for catechesis (religious education of the children in the parishes). Now we start to reconfigure the books in a new curriculum based on (the old curriculum) and our experience and feedback from the field. Our Church took the responsibility for printing and distributing the materials so now we have more than 100.000 children using this books.”

USA – English Armenian and English Eastern Orthodox Youth Bible Curriculum (YBC)
Gospel Light Worldwide is at the very beginning of a project to provide the English curriculum contextualized to the American Armenian and Eastern churches, and we are in the process of conducting a Test pilot for Level 1 of this Age-banded curriculum.